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Psychotherapist in complex problems

Website development for a company of psychologists

neolines February 16, 2022 56 Comments

Website development for a company of psychologists

We have developed a website for a company that provides psychological assistance to adults and children, couples and groups of people. A convenient well-thought-out structure allows using filters to choose the most comfortable form of classes – the time and place of psychotherapy sessions, the number of hours, see the site, where to conduct the session. On the company’s website, you can get lost and pay for a psychotherapy session online.

In the process of creating the site, we carried out the following work:

  1. Complete keyword research.
  2. Development of the semantic core of SEO.
  3. Development of a structure based on the semantic core and client requirements.
  4. Development of texts for the pages of the structure: description of the company’s activities, types of main personalities, areas of work of psychologists, types of coaching and training, answers to questions.
  5. Design structures and collection pages to increase uniqueness. The page may contain various types of information that inform about the activities of the client. These are photos, videos, descriptions of training, descriptions of practical exercises, obtaining results, answers to user questions. Google search engine loves uniqueness.
  6. Added the ability to take part in psychotherapy sessions and immediately pay for them online.
  7. Added the ability to organize various marketing promotions and discounts.
  8. Conducted SEO optimization for search engines.
  9. You can move on!!!

Modern website concept

Today, there is an opinion that you can do any SEO settings and the site accepts in the Google ranking. Alas, but such is the opinion of the Google public. Google believes that the site should be at the same time and in parallel with the business. And be his reflection. That is, the site should be a living body, which is a platform where a potential client should receive complete information. Also, the client can always communicate with the managers of the company. That is, SEO is a path that you need to follow for at least several years. And when Google sees your diligence, it will definitely distinguish your site from the group of owners, glued sites.

15 years website development experience

We have 15 years of experience in creating and promoting websites in many areas and tangible contacts with whom we have been working for 5, 10 and 15 years. We have worked with construction companies, manufacturers and installers of ventilated facades, ventilation and sanitary ware, manufacturers of upholstered, school and retail furniture for jewelry stores. Also among our clients were insurance and real estate companies, metalwork factories, manufacturers of pneumatic machines, owners of laser production, as well as online stores selling heating stoves, artificial flowers, kitchen sinks, interior goods, construction logs, roofing and garbage disposal. Long term relationship with Jeep auto parts store and kids camp.

An effective website development plan

  1. Competent analysis reveals words and the construction of a semantic core.
  2. Implementation of a reliable site audit, development of technical SEO. Elimination of identified problems. Creating a site structure with the mention of words.
  3. Development and writing of a page for promotion. Making changes to the site.

First of all, we will deal with the main work on the creation of the site and the development of a development strategy. Then a month-long work on a plan for promoting resources in significant search engines and social networks. It all looks something like this:

  1. We develop clients. And we begin the process of website promotion.
  2. The first stage is the creation of unique content based on the use of words on the topic and an increase in the volume of promoted pages by creating links within the site. Blogs, news, articles and other important components.
  3. The second stage is the creation of sites on links.
  4. Further active connection of social channels and behavioral use to increase resources on the Internet.


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My SEO Skills:

Search Engine Optimization
Meeting, discussion and analysis of business tasks with clients
Analysis of the competitive environment on the Internet
Complete project management and control
SEO strategy development
Keyword Research
Keyword Matching
Development of the semantic core
Website optimization plan development
Development of a plan for optimizing the behavioral factors of the site
Development of social media optimization plan, SMO
Development of a contextual advertising optimization plan
Develop a link building plan
Placement of articles and news. Site search, placement and monitoring
Development of a work plan for copywriters, webmasters, programmers, smo, sem, smm site employees
Development and support of the company’s Press Center: industry news, company news, expert opinion, questions and answers, company blog
Development and support of the company’s social channels: industry news, company news, expert opinion, questions and answers, company blog
SEO on page
External SEO
Technical SEO
SEO audit
SEO report
Link building
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Yandex Metrica
Yandex Webmaster
Yandex Direct
Yandex Market
Digital Marketing
Google AdWord
Pay Per Click Advertising
Search Marketing
SEO for eCommerce
Content Management
social marketing
Return on investment
CMS Drupal, WordPress, Elementor, WooCommerce
SEO Tools, Ahref, .SEMrush, Screaming Frog

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