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When creating a website, ignoring keywords can result in low traffic and poor search engine rankings. Here are some common mistakes to avoid: 1. Incorrect use of keywords: Using keywords that are not relevant to the content

We have developed a website for the Avenue of Stars creative agency, which is engaged in the professional organization of holidays and various thematic events for children and adults. Convenient navigation and a clear interface of the

We have developed a website for a law firm We have developed a website for a company of professional lawyers, with a convenient structure that allows you to choose a specialist in any area of interest to

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Website development for a company of psychologists We have developed a website for a company that provides psychological assistance to adults and children, couples and groups of people. A convenient well-thought-out structure allows using filters to choose

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SEO-קישורים באיכות נמוכה אינם עובדים ב אני מאמין שבקידום אתרים, האיכות חשובה, לא הכמות. אותו עיקרון חל על השגת קישורים. אם אתה עומד בפני בחירה: קבל 10 קישורים לא טובים מכמה משאבים לא ידועים או קבל קישור

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