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Creative Agency «Avenue of Stars»

We have developed a website for a holiday organization agency

We have developed a website for the Avenue of Stars creative agency, which is engaged in the professional organization of holidays and various thematic events for children and adults. Convenient navigation and a clear interface of the site make it easy and quick to navigate a wide range of services offered and choose the most interesting offers. The “Create your own holiday” constructor created by us allows the customer to become the creator of his holiday and choose from the list of show programs exactly the one that will become the basis of the festive event. By adding excellent animators to the selected show and choosing additional options, you can easily order an original holiday that will be remembered for a long time by all participants of the event. The structure of the site is accessible and understandable even to a child who can actively participate in the selection of programs, quests, animators for a children’s holiday of any subject.

In the process of creating the site, we carried out the following work:

1. Do keyword research.
2. Development of the semantic core of SEO.
3. Development of a structure based on the semantic core and customer requirements.
4. Development of texts for structure pages: description of the company, services, blog, reviews, recommendations, portfolio, answers to questions.
5. Designed structures, pages and categories to increase uniqueness. The page can contain various information about the client’s actions. These are photos, videos, reviews, answers to user questions. Google search engine loves uniqueness.
6. Added the ability to organize various marketing promotions and discounts.
7. SEO-optimization for search engines was carried out.
8. Prepared effective landing pages for advertising campaigns in Google AdWord, Facebook, Instagram.

Modern website concept

Today there is an opinion that you can do any SEO settings and the site rises in the Google rankings. Google believes that the site should develop simultaneously and in parallel with the business. Be his reflection. That is, the site should be an active platform where a potential client can get complete information and communicate with company managers. That is, SEO is a path that needs to be followed for at least several years. As a result, Google will see your diligence and distinguish your site from a group of similar sites.

15 years of website development experience

We have 15 years of experience in creating and promoting websites in many areas and clients with whom we have been working for 5, 10 and 15 years. We have worked with construction companies, manufacturers and installers of ventilated facades, ventilation and sanitary ware, manufacturers of upholstered, school and commercial furniture for jewelry stores. Also among our clients are insurance and real estate companies, metalwork factories, manufacturers of pneumatic machines, owners of laser production, as well as online stores for heating stoves, artificial flowers, kitchen sinks, interior goods, construction logs, roofing and garbage disposal. Long term relationship with Jeep auto parts store and kids camp.


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